Stage SM-V Series

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How Can You Make That Difference?

Now, picture the same stage, the same show. The same incredible crowd. The talent is relaxed, confident in the knowledge that they will deliver the entire show word-perfectly. They’re right there in that moment with the audience. There comfort monitor is ready and waiting for them on cue. Everything feels amazing and they know that the show will flow with ease.

All it takes is for the artist to take a quick glance at !heir monitors. Amongst them, a discrete monitor is cued up and keeps them on track. The audience have no idea that it’s even there. The artist does’nt have to worry about what happens if they freeze and become lost for words. lt’s right there for them.

Our comfort monitors have been designed specfically for artists performing on stage who want a covert, large 24′ screen lyric prompter in front of them. With our AutoCue Stage monitor range added to their set-up, they’II be free to enjoy their performance without having to worry about missing a beat.

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Why The Studio Eleven AutoCue Monitors?

lf your artists are lucky enough never to forget their words, they’ll be the envy of their peers. lf, on the other hand, they are like most performers and sometimes find their mind wondering whilst on stage, then our AutoCue Stage Monitors ranges will make a huge difference. Keeping your talent on track without missing a cue.

Here are just some of the benefits of using our Wedge AutoCue Stage Monitors:

  • Our 24′ Studio Eleven AutoCue Stage Monitor range matchers for quality with added versatility.
  • Both ranges work seamlessly with your favourite MPS and MPS View software.
  • All our AutoCue Stage Monitors are robust and made specifically with touring and the conference markets in mind.
  • Best commercial 24′ display panels giving the product the best image and the best reliability.
  • Commercial and robust touring grade connections and interfaces.
  • Truss mountable for even more flexible usage.

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APT-GB SM Series

SM-V24, SM-V28, SM-V32, SM-V40, SM-V40 4K


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